Hey - I’m M.W Leitzel and I’m a storyteller! Whether it’s animation, mograph, or illustration for entertainment, web design, apps, advertising, or viral content, I have copious experience and enthusiasm in these spaces.

My work has been seen on CNN, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Time Magazine, the Boston International Film Festival and various film festivals and galleries across the country. I have taken the role of lead designer on various projects, including the Popemoji campaign for the client Aleteia, which achieved 26.4 million impressions around the world. As a freelance animator, I have produced content from scratch for clients such as YouTube channels Game Grumps and Boundary Break, reaching outstanding views in each case.

I have worked with clients such as Dreamworks, Fox, Sony, SEGA, Ford, and many more. Additionally, I have experience working with local organizations and mentorship programs to bring the arts to those who need it most in the community.